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SpainxReader: Trying to Tell You

You looked over your shoulder to find Gilbird staring at you.

“Hey, Gilbird…” you whispered while reaching out for him. He hopped into your palm and you stroked his head with your finger. “What does the BTT have in store for me today?” a smiled crept to your face.

Gilbird only cocked his head to the side and chirped three times.

As if Right on cue, Antoino, Gilbert, and Francis, busted down your door and ran into your house.

“No need to vorry, Frau! Ze Awesome Trio is here to save you from your un-awesome day! Kesesesese. ” Gilbert shouted, causing you to sigh and put down your book you were reading.  

“What’s the purpose of me buying a lock on my door, if you guys are just going to break it anyway?” you walked up to them and put your hands to your hips.

“______! It’s so good to see you, chica!” the Spaniard glomped you, almost causing you both to fall on the floor.

“Hey, Ton (As in Toni, but without the –i part).” You grumbled. “It’s only been a few days since school ended. You’re acting like you haven’t seen me in ages…” you groaned.

“Awwww, mi amor, are we not allowed to miss you?” Francis joined in on the hug and Gilbert soon after.

“U-Uhh, Fran? Gil? Ton? C-Cant bre-breathe. Get off.” you managed to choke out.

They all let go and took a few steps back with goofy smiles on all their faces. “So what do you guys want anyway?” you asked while going into your room to change.

“We are inviting you to go to this cool amusement park with the Awesome us!” Gilbert shouted and you groaned. Knowing the BTT since you were young, they were sure to be kicked out of the park.

«Time Skip, brought to you by my lack of inspiration!»

“I can’t believe all of you forgot your wallets…” you said, obviously irritated and gritting your teeth.

“Don’t worry we’ll pay you back.” Antonio patted your back and smiled one of his heart stopping smiles. A faint pink color dusted your cheeks.

“Yeah, with mien Awesomeness!” Gilbert thankfully cut in. 

You rolled your eyes and and turned away before anyone could spot your blush.

Regaining your composure, you asked, “Well, what do you guys want to do first?” the three men thought for a moment, then all shared glances and smirked.

“You’ll see…” they sang in unison and then dragged you towards one of the rides.

«Gilbird’s Tiny Time skip»

“You’re faces are hilarious!” you managed to say between gasps while you laughed, holding your stomach.

Embarrassed blushes appeared on all their faces, which made you laugh even harder.

“Who would have thought that the Bad Touch Trio was afraid of the House of Horror!” you continued laughing while the Trio dragged you off to another direction.

“Ze awesome Gibert vasn’t afraid!... I-I was just… acting…” he said with less enthusiasm.

“Right…” you said sarcastically and continued having your little giggling fit.

“Oohonhon, ma chére, calm down. People are staring to stare. I don’t remember ever seeing you this energetic about anything for a long time.” Francis tried to clam you down, but ended up laughing with you.

“Oh, shut up, Fran. I can have fun when I want to.” You tried to bring a pout to your face, but continued laughing.

“Ay, chica, your laugh is so cute!” Antonio shouted while bringing you into another one of his bone-crushing hugs.

You hid yet another small blush. You'll admit that you have had a small crush on the chocolate haired Spaniard since you first met him, but you’d rather die than tell anyone. “H-hey! Let me go!”

“Hey, let’s go on that, frau! If you get scared, you can hold on the Awesome me! Keseseseses” Gilbert pointed at a rather large roller coaster.

“Why not!” you shouted and started running towards it. “Let’s see if I can get another embarrassing picture!”

“Vait! _____, I was joking. There’s no vay I’m going on that! Besides, I can’t take little Gilbird on that one.” He stated proudly.

You pouted, “Awww, really Gil? Now of all times you decide to be a chicken?” you sighed.

“Vhat! I never said that! I-I…uhh…Let’s just have some fun running around and playing those booth games…Yeah!” 

“I have a better idea Gil! Let’s see who can cause the most damage without getting kicked out of the park, si?” Antonio suggested.




«Time Skip (I’m going to make some toast) XD»

“Ready?” you whispered. Three heads nodded and walked closer to you. You held up a hand and they froze. Slowly, you crept towards one of the security guards and extended your hand. Never letting your eyes off the guard’s face, you swiftly snatched his handcuffs and cuffed his belt loop to a nearby pole.

Suppressing your giggles, you walked up to the trio with a large proud grin on your face. In the distance, you heard the guard cursing and the faint sound of metal on metal banging.

“See? Easy.” You smirked and received smiles from both Francis and Antonio and an upset pout from Gilbert.

“So what’s the score now?” Francis asked.

“Girl, seven and boys one.” Your smile never faded.

“Oi, chica, how are you so good at this?” Antonio asked while putting an arm around your shoulder.

“Dunno, I must be better then this awesome Prussian.” you joked while giving Gilbert a playful punch.

“Yeah, vell ze Awesome me vill even out ze score!” Gilbert raised his hand above his head.”

“And what will you do, mi amigo?”

Gilbert motioned for the other two to huddle, leaving you alone with your arms crossed.

You tried to listen in on the conversation, but all you heard was a couple names and a lot of laughter. You turned away looking for something to do.


“Hey, Gil, Fran, Ton?” they all looked up at you and their eyes widen. You held a big stuffed yellow bird that looked suspiciously just like Gilbird. You smiled, “Are you done planning yet?”

“Awwww, ______, where did you get that?” Francis asked while taking the stuffed animal.

“The nice boy over there said I could have it if I knocked down a couple bottles with a ball.” You pointed to a small stand and the boy waved back at you.

“Ohonhonhonhon, nice work, ma chere!” he snaked his arm around your waist and you tried to wiggle out of it, only to bump into the other two guys. Now you had two hands around your waist and one around your neck.

Blushing you yelled, “Hey, g-get off!”

“Awww, look amigos! _____ looks like a tomato! She’s just like Lovi!”

“Hey, don’t compare me to Mr. Grumpy Gills.” You pouted and crossed your arms.

“So cute!” they all squealed and ruffled your hair.

“Whatever…” you murmured while you tried to fix the flyways.

“Frau, stay right here.” Gilbert shouted and the three of them ran off into different directions.

It took some time before the trio returned, and after a while you were beginning to think they ditched you. You huffed and crossed your arms, letting your hair float in the nice cool breeze.

You were about to close your eyes when you heard three recognizable voices through microphones. Your stomach dropped: “This isn’t happening.” You whispered as you turned around to see Gilbert with his hair slightly tousled and his jacket sleeves pushed up on his arms, Francis with his hair tied up and his shirt completely unbuttoned, and Antonio with his shirt half unbuttoned and a rose in the pocket.

You ran a hand through your hair, “Not this again.” You muttered and started walking towards them.

“Testing…Testing…It works? Good. This is for you, chica!.” Antonio shouted and pointed directly at you and winked.

I got my mind set on you
There's nothing you can do to change my mind about it
Inside out, you're beautiful
There's nothing you can do to change my mind about you

It started innocent enough, with a day just like any other
Woke up late and running behind
Americano on the corner, she came without a warning
Knocked my drink all over me

She said,
"Sorry I was rushing and I gotta get to work."
After that I didn't hear a single word she said
I was caught off-guard by her turquoise eyes
I knew right then I had to make her mine

I got my mind set on you
There's nothing you can do to change my mind about it
Inside out, you're beautiful
There's nothing you can do to change my mind about you

A few people stopped to listen and a few walked by whistling.

You remembered when you were younger, how the Bad Touch Trio was a band. “At least they got better…” you mumbled as a smiled appeared on your face.

Antonio was the lead singer and made sure not to break eye contact with you. In return, your face turned red which only made him smile even more. Gilbert and Francis somehow managed to find guitars and joined the signing on the chorus.

When they reached the chorus for the first time, the trio started dancing and you swore you saw some fangirls behind you faint. Rolling your eyes, you walked closer to the makeshift stage and Francis held a hand out to you. You took it and he pulled you up on to the stage as the song concluded.

Spinning you around, Antonio took your hand and pulled you close, causing your face to turn redder...if that was possible.

“_____, I…” he started, but was interrupted by an enraged security guard.

“Scram.” You said and grabbed the hand that was closest to you and ran.


“Chica, I think he followed the others.” You stopped, causing Antonio to bump into you. Antonio? You grabbed Antonio’s hand? Your face flushed yet again.

“_____, your face is red like a tomate. You’re so cute!”

“Oh, shut up.” you mumbled, “Let’s go find the other idiots.”

The two of you walked around looking for them, then finally you asked one of the workers if they saw them.

“They were kicked out.” She said while she fumbling or something in her pockets.

You sighed and checked the time. A few more hours were left until the park closed.

“H-here.” She handed out a note to Antonio.

“Thanks, chica. Who is it from?” he smiled and her face began to turn red. 

“From your friends.” She smiled back at Antonio and then winked at you. 

Confused, you turned to Antonio. Antonio read the note and a mix of emotions flashed across his face.

“So, Ton, did you want to go and meet up with the others?” you buried your chin into the yellow plushy.

“Naa, let’s stay, chica, Might as well put your money to good use, si?”

“Si… You hungry?” You asked. He nodded and you looked around. You searched for a few minuets before Toni found a churro cart. You handed him the yellow fluff and made your way into the line.

After few moments of speculating on what to get, a small boy came up to you and handed you a letter.

‘Your eyes shine brighter than the stars in the sky.’

You became confused yet and asked the boy, “Who is this from?” he thought for a while then pointed at a random man,not far from where Toni was sitting, with a girl by his side, which you assumed to be his girlfriend. You scoffed, thanked the boy, and threw the letter into the garbage.

Coming back, Toni looked nervous for some reason.

“Sorry, Ton, I only had enough money to buy one.” You sat down next to him.

His face seemed to be sad, but he quickly shot up, “Hey, do you want to play a game?”

“S-Sure, what did you have in mind.” Toni gave you a sly smirk.

“Let’s play the Pocky game!”

“Ton, I don’t have any Pocky with me.” you said blandly.

“I thought we could use the churro!” you thought about for a while then agreed.

“Fine, but it’s not my fault if you choke.” You joked and started unwrapping the cinnamon covered dough.

“No promises.” He winked and your heart skipped a beat.

You turned towards him and raised the churro to your mouths. “Ready?” you asked, but Toni’s mouth was already on one end. You chuckled and bit the other end.

“Go!” both you of shouted with your mouths full. You munched on the chewy dough, letting the cinnamon sugar fall into your lap. 

Toni started staring at you. You looked at him and he seemed to be just inhaling the whole thing. You raised an eyebrow and he wiggled his in return, causing you to laugh and slightly choke on the sugar you inhaled.

A few second later, it hit you. What happens when you reach the center? You became really nervous and started to slow down on chewing. ‘Why didn’t I think about this before I agreed to play?’ you thought. Soon you and Toni were only centimeters apart. Toni didn’t seem to notice, he was just staring at you. Your heart began racing, as the two of you got closer. Your faces so close, both of you stopped chewing and only stared into each other’s eyes. Your lips twitched, wanting to touch Toni’s, but what would happen if you did?

‘He probably doesn’t even like me that way…’ you thought and broke eye contact.

“Watch out mister!” a little girl landed on her knees in front of you and you heard a grunt come from Toni. Looking up, you noticed a rather large rainbow lollipop stuck in his hair.

You laughed and pulled away from his face, your heart rate finally slowing down.

“Are you alright?” you asked the little girl and dusted off her clothes.

She nodded then looked at Antonio. A giggle seemed to bubble up from the both of you. “I’m sorry, I would buy you a new one, but I don’t haven anymore money on me.” She nodded.

“It’s okay and I’m sorry mister…” she looked at her feet and Antonio crouched down.

“It’s alright, niña.” He cooed. The little girl nodded and ran off towards what you assumed to be her mother.

Giggling, you stood over Antonio and tried to get the sticky mess out of his hair.

The two of you carried on a normal conversation as Toni was forced to stare at your stomach as you detached his hair from the lollipop.

Once you finally got it out, you were about the throw away the candy, but a set of arms were around your waist.

“T-Ton? What are y-you doing?”

“I want to tell you something, ____.” He seemed serious and you sighed.

“Go rinse out your hair first.” You unlocked his hand from your waist and made him stand up. “Go.” You nudged him in the direction of the bathroom,

“______. Listen to me.”

“After you wash your sticky hair.” You pushed him all the way to the bathroom, “Why are you being like a kid? Just go wash it and I’ll listen to what you have to say.” You started to giggle at how ridiculous this was. “Gooooooo!”

He chuckled and gave in. “Fine, but you have to listen to me when I come back out.”

“Whatever, just go wash up. You look like a mess…and button your shirt back up!” he winked at you then he was out of sight.

Smiling, you went to wash your hands then sat down on a bench. You looked up at the setting sun and took a deep breath. "This would be a perfect atmosphere for a date..." you mumbled

A few minuets later, a small turtle was clawing at your ankle. Picking it up, you noticed it had a paper tied to it’s back.

Unfortunately, it seems that the turtle was eating it before and only a few words were visible.

“Will y- “ and “me”

“Aww.” You said, “Probably left over from someone asking them to marry him or her.” You untied the turtle and put it back down on the ground.

When you looked up, you saw Antonio and you smiled. His face looked disappointed, but you brushed it off when his goofy smile came back on his face.

“Done?” he nodded and the two of you walked around for a few more minuets before you asked, “So what did you want to tell me?”

“You’ll see, chica.” You raised an eyebrow and he just smiled back. The two of you walked in a rather awkward silence.

“Ton, is something wrong?” you noticed he’s been thinking about something and you were curious about what it was. Normally, he is always happy and bubbly.

“No, everything’s fine, chica.” He smiled but he looked stressed. You decided to let it go, since you didn’t want to upset Toni.

More silence that is awkward came and the two of you continued to just wander through the crowds. You were about to say something when Antonio seemed to have perked back up.

“Hey, ____! Look over there.”

“What?” you turned your head slightly but didn’t see anything. Turning your head back, you noticed that Antonio’s face was dangerously close to yours.

He let out a disappointed sigh, “Never mind…”

“Ton, you sure you’re alright? You don’t seem... as annoyingly happy as you usually do.”

“I’m fine, chica. No need to worry.” He put on a fake smile and your started to become frustrated.

“You know sometimes I pretend I don’t care, but I really do. So can you tell me what’s bothering you?” you pleaded.

A natural smile spread across his face and you felt a little bit better.

“I’m just thinking, mi tomate.”

“About what?” you asked and the two of you stopped walking.

Antonio sucked in a big breath, “Yo estaba pensando en hacer te mi novia.”

“You know I don’t speak Spanish.” You pouted.

“You will.” He smirked.

“What’s that supposed to me-“ you were cut off by a pair of lips on yours. Your eyes grew wide and your body stiffened in response.

“Te amo, _____.” He murmured and hugged you.

Now, your face was bright red and your heart was beating our of control, “T-Ton?”

“Yeah, mi tomate?” he chuckled.

“I d-don’t know what that means…”

“… What? Are you serious? You don’t even understand that?” he pulled away and looked at you; a smile spread across your face.

“Naa, I’m joking. I love you too.” You pulled the collar of his shirt and kissed him again.

---------------(Somewhere in a bush..)-------------

“Kesesesesese. ”

“Sixth time’s a charm! Ohonhonhon.”

“See? Didn’t I tell you mein awesome plan vould vork!”

“Yeah, let’s leave little Toni and _____ alone. I’m getting pretty hungry.” Francis stood up and stretched, his legs aching from trying to hide from you.

“Vhat? Vhy didn’t you tell me before?” Gilbert took out his wallet revealing several twenties.

Francis raised an eyebrow, “So, you didn’t really forget your wallet?”

“Pfft, the AWESOME me shouldn’t have to pay to go to an amusement park.”

PRUSSIA!!!!!!!!! I better get my money back! :iconprussiaumadplz:

A request from :iconlokelover:
:iconimdeadplz: this was 12 pages long..

If you find any mistakes feel free to tell me!

I do not own Hetalia or the picture or the song. And don't they look so cute with their glasses???

the song was - 'Mindset' by Every Avenue…


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